We are Bethany & Danielle.
Cousins, friends & business partners.
We can’t wait to meet you!



Bethany Boyd


Hi, I’m Bethany! Most of the time the first thing I’ll write or say about myself is that I have two cats. So I’ll just get that out of the way now: I have two cats, Rolly and Charlie, they’re very nice boys and are two of my most favorite nouns to talk about.

Now, on to the more relevant information: I’m a graphic designer and marketing strategist with a BA in Advertising and a specialization in Graphic Design from Michigan State University (Go Green!). Working as a Graphic Designer since graduation, I’ve had the opportunity to learn and grow on a daily basis in a profession that I love.

I met my husband, Brad, at MSU and we got married in September of 2013. I’ll admit it, before we were even engaged, I started making pin boards of wedding inspiration. It was then that I realized how much I loved wedding and event design, and how much I wanted to use my skills as a designer to help others plan beautiful events of their own. I used our wedding as a test: Could I plan a fun, beautiful party that stayed within budget? As it turned out, I could.

I’m an antique enthusiast (ask my Mom how weird it is that I say that now) and I love to create pretty things that are useful and necessary. I like building, repurposing, DIY-ing, and a lot of other things that end in -ing (hiking, laughing, crafting, writing…). I love helping people bring their ideas to fruition and brainstorming ways to make events, and everyday life, unique.

Let’s get started! I’m excited to meet you.


Danielle Miner


Hi, I’m Danielle! Lover of many things, but just to name a few… My family, Michigan, God, flowers, farmer’s markets, Lake Michigan, the woods, and most anything I can build or create myself.

I chose to attend Michigan State University due to its’ irresistibly beautiful campus. I learned a lot about the person I wanted to be during my time there. I graduated with a bachelors degree in political science pre-law, however I sought after a career in which didn’t quite fill a certain void inside of me.

As the years pressed on, I worked my days inside law offices and found my values and ideals were transforming. I wanted to become a mom–and I did God willing, twice. My husband Mike and I have 1 sweet and sassy little girl and 1 happy and handsome little boy.

My time as a stay at home mom provided me with an insurmountable amount of joy. It allowed me to recognize that I had a strong desire to be creative, and gave me the opportunity to figure out how I could turn that desire into more than just a hobby.

I love being innovative in the design process of any and all styles. I become inspired by a multitude of ideas and visions and have a passion for pulling those elements together to curate one amazing soiree.

I appreciate your thoughts, expectations and your dream to make it all happen. It’s such an exciting time, and I can’t wait to meet you!