Autumn Decor: Chalkboards & Fancy Pumpkins

03 Nov Autumn Decor: Chalkboards & Fancy Pumpkins

When Brad and I began looking for houses, we had a few requirements: charm, good parking, sizeable backyard, at least 1.5 baths, and the least scary basement possible. Never in all the time we spent looking did “awesome front porch” ever cross our minds, but that’s exactly what we got. Decorating this year has been so much fun and autumn is no exception! Using pumpkins I picked up at Warmier Farms in Auburn, the classic chalkboard sign from Hobby Lobby that we all know and love, a crate my dad gave me, and a super sweet Vernors crate that my mom and Lauren scored for me, I put together an easy and not-too-cluttered front porch set up.

If you look close you can see little nibble marks in the pumpkins… literally the morning after I put them out the neighborhood squirrels started sampling the buffet.

During the month of October I had an Anne of Green Gables quote on the sign, but on Sunday I brought it in, washed it off, and gave it a makeover for November. It was almost like the squirrels KNEW it was no longer Halloween season, because the little rascals literally started feasting on our carved pumpkins. I don’t mind, it was adorable and it gives the cats something to watch, but it was still a little frustrating!

We are all about muted color palettes for fall decor and decorating on a budget. The pumpkins were incredibly economical, I got all 6 from Warmbier for $11 in September. I wanted to go with just the white and green pumpkins but Lauren (who is always my voice of reason) told me I needed some contrast so I picked up a few neutral oranges. These non-traditional pumpkins would look amazing incorporated into centerpieces at a fall wedding.

I have them styled with a little more of a rustic vibe, but they could totally be glammed up with the right accessories. Gold accents, white flowers, and mercury glass pillars would be perfect for the bride who wants a glam fall wedding.

Having our own house now has completely opened my mind up to decorating possibilities. Now it’s time to start thinking about Christmas…


xoxo, Bethany

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