22 Apr Bouquet Bows

I grew up with a mom who took the greatest care when wrapping gifts. Christmas presents that were concealed by meticulously folded paper and half a roll of ribbon each were nearly impossible to open, but beautiful as they sat under our tree. Even the oddly-shaped gift that required a bag instead of traditional wrapping methods was packaged with care and about 20 sheets of color-coordinated tissue paper sticking perfectly out of the top of the bag.

Needless to say, her gift-packaging methods have rubbed off on me. Sometimes I like wrapping the gifts that I’m giving more than picking out the gift itself. This past weekend was one of those times (although I’ll never pass on a chance to hit up Pottery Barn, even when buying for someone else).

I’d seen a gift wrapping idea on Pinterest that used a bouquet instead of a bow, and it struck me as an amazing idea for a bride-to-be. If possible, find out what flowers or color scheme the bride is planning on using for her bouquet (some brides might want to keep this info secret until her big day, so you may just have to guess) and then get yourself to a craft flower store and find flowers that are a close match. The bouquet will be a gift itself, as the bride can keep them forever as a reminder of what she carried on her big day. Additionally, they can be used as or added to the rehearsal bouquet.

One of my biggest goals when I give a gift is that it will be useful and long-lasting, and now the wrappings will be too!

I honestly can’t wait to do this again so that I can continue to perfect this method. Heads up to friends and family: You’ll know which gift is from me.



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