Cocktail Tuesday: The Peach Zamboni

16 Oct Cocktail Tuesday: The Peach Zamboni

The Peach Zamboni

The Peach Zamboni was created by a group of us at Greg & Jessie’s wedding last summer. It was really just an experiment that went incredibly well. I’d always really liked mixing cranberry juice and white zinfandel, and we decided to spice it up with the Peach Schnapps that was available. The name doesn’t really mean anything, except that we love the Red Wings and Zamboni and Zinfandel both start with a Z.

There are three parts (and you really can’t mess it up because it’s all delish):

3 oz. (or 1/2 a glass) White Zinfandel

1 oz. (or 1/4 of a glass) Cranberry Juice

1 0z. (or 1/4 of a glass) Peach Schnapps


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