Gravity Matters Little: ArtPrize Entry by Henry Brimmer

26 Sep Gravity Matters Little: ArtPrize Entry by Henry Brimmer

Has anyone been to Grand Rapids recently and noticed the figure hanging from a tightrope between the Hinman building and Select Bank? It’s an entry at ArtPrize, created by a former professor of mine at Michigan State, Henry Brimmer. I had Brimmer for a few creative advertising classes, as well as an intense summer portfolio workshop. He, along with other amazing professors at State, was instrumental in pushing me to refine my design style and skill.

His ArtPrize piece is called Gravity Matters Little, and involved the efforts of a talented group of people. If you’re going to visit ArtPrize this year, make sure you check it out, and be sure to vote for it using Vote Code 52603.

Gravity Matters Little

Henry Brimmer’s ArtPrize entry, Gravity Matters Little

Check out the video and get more information on ArtPrize here.

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