Inspiration: Velvet Details

24 Jul Inspiration: Velvet Details

My first thoughts about velvet brought back memories of matching black velvet dresses my sister and I wore for Christmas one year – which at the time, I wasn’t too thrilled about. But, it seems that velvet is making an oh-so-pretty comeback, and since my tastes have matured since Christmas of ‘97, I’m actually loving it. There’s something about velvet ribbon that lends a final touch of sophistication to virtually anything you tie it around. Perhaps it’s because it has a very royal feel. And let’s be honest, we all deserve to be just a *little* princess-like on the day of your wedding. It isn’t just for wrapping bouquet stems – try including velvet ribbon in your invitations, tie your silverware, or use it as a sash on your dress to add a pop of color. It photographs beautifully and is a timeless detail to include. And while on the subject of photography, consider pulling in an antique velvet upholstered chair for a couple creative shots. We love this look, let us know what you think!

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