Keeping Warm and Cozy

15 Oct Keeping Warm and Cozy

With the Fall wedding season already well underway and with the Winter season quickly approaching, we thought a post about keeping your guests warm would be appropriate! I have a slight obsession with blankets. I still sleep with my yellow baby blanket, and there’s nothing better on a cold night than a cozy blanket to cuddle up with. If you have a Fall or Winter wedding coming up, consider offering blankets to your guests. Even if your event is inside, event halls and banquet rooms get drafty, especially for older guests. Offering cozy blankets for the guests to use will always be appreciated.

Keeping WarmKeeping WarmKeeping WarmKeeping WarmKeeping WarmKeeping Warm

And who doesn’t love bonfires? If your venue has space for it, a bonfire is a great way to end your evening. Great memories are always made, and remembered, around a bonfire.

Keeping WarmKeeping WarmKeeping WarmKeeping Warm

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