Valerie + Alex: Bright and Colorful Wedding

24 Sep Valerie + Alex: Bright and Colorful Wedding

Personally, I tend to shy away from bright colors and prefer muted color palates. I mean, my favorite color is white for goodness sake. But I can’t help falling in love with how Valerie and Alex used a rainbow of bright colors for their summer wedding. Of course, the bright colors perfectly match Valerie’s bright personality! And the fact that they’re such a gorgeous couple doesn’t hurt.

Some insights from Valerie:
I loved and still loved my colors!! At first I was going to go with purple and yellow because people only do two colors. But I just couldn’t narrow it down and had to make it four.

On the venue:
Something I wish I could have done differently was have the ceremony be inside. There wasn’t really an option for that, however, and I just loved the reception room too much to let the venue go (Swan Valley Golf & Banquet). But if I’d had it inside, the temp would have been more comfortable and perhaps we wouldn’t have heard folks participation in the firing range that was near by.

On the cake and desserts:
Just a fun thing I like telling people is that my cake was made of foam except for the small, top part. My sister, mom and I also decorated it so it was incredibly cheap, and no one even knew! When the time came for the cake eating photos, we just sliced a small piece off the top and later, pulled out pre-sliced sheet cake for everyone else.

I also love that we had a dessert buffet because everyone knows I have an unparalleled affection for sweets. And not only that but that it was all mostly baked by my mom, which was always a my wish for my wedding.

On the cost:
Between all my amazing friends and family helping out and my mom’s ridiculous coupon/deal finder skills, the whole thing came in around $5,000. Which is pretty freaking awesome if you ask me!

Can you believe that? It just goes to show that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get the day you’ve dreamed of. Love it!

Photography: Collier Studios // Venue: Swan Valley Golf Course // Men’s Suiting: Men’s Warehouse, Midland, MI.

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